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Through our master’s degree or certificate program, learn to develop the knowledge and skills to help manage and mediate conflict effectively and professionally while fostering relationships and successfully moving parties to agreement.

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Welcome to ACU’s Online Graduate Programs in
Conflict Resolution

ACU offers a master’s degree as well as a graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation. Both of these programs teach students how to analyze, address, mediate and manage conflict effectively and professionally. The programs can help provide in-depth preparation if you are seeking a career in dispute resolution or find yourself with peacemaking or conflict management opportunities in your chosen career.

These programs offer knowledge and competencies in:

  • Negotiation and mediation principles
  • Conflict theory and communication
  • Organizational behavior
  • Dispute resolution systems
  • Ethics and conflict resolution


Some individuals have a natural talent for smoothing things over and making peace among people with conflicting viewpoints. Nonetheless, if you are serious about a career in this profession, formal training and education are essential to your goals for moving forward successfully.

Studying for your online master’s degree or graduate certificate with Abilene Christian University can help prepare you with the knowledge you need to thrive in your career. Our programs in Conflict Resolution are designed to equip graduates with skills in reconciliation, which contributes to both personal and professional development. If you are interested in becoming a court-appointed or court-referred mediator, it is important to check on your state’s specific requirements. Regardless, enhancing your knowledge of mediation and dispute resolution in theory and in practice will be an important foundation.

You will find advanced opportunities to analyze case studies, critique basic assumptions of conflict theories and role-play appropriate behavior in conflict scenarios. You’ll learn how to create a framework for understanding organizational conflict prevention and resolution systems, and discover methods for working within cross-cultural environments.

At Abilene Christian University, you can expect to receive a quality education in conflict resolution through well-developed online courses and an emphasis on practical experience. Your graduate-level training will be grounded in the Christian principles of peacemaking, with a goal of translating your studies into rewarding professional experiences working on the behalf of others.

Whether you choose our online master’s degree program or graduate certificate curriculum, you will enhance and develop your conflict resolution and peacemaking skills in practical ways. You’ll have the training to enter into a new career or add value within your current role, while also displaying the confidence that comes with your newfound skills and understanding.


Abilene Christian University is dedicated to training the next generation of mediators. It is our goal to help you succeed in a career that you feel passionate about. Your aspirations to help others resolve conflicts and move forward in life are both admirable and achievable.

Our online master’s degree and graduate certificate programs in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation have been designed to provide a comprehensive educational experience, grounded in Christian principles and values. When you study with us, you will gain the conceptual and interpersonal skills required to engage in effective negotiation and to serve as a mediator.

Choosing a career in mediation requires the ability to analyze, address and manage conflict professionally. You can gain the necessary knowledge and confidence through Abilene Christian University’s comprehensive graduate-level curriculum, which will expose you to a diversity of case studies and role-playing opportunities.

You will also have the chance to learn advanced mediation techniques for certain situations and environments. This can include study of marital disputes and conflict within workplaces, schools and churches. You will come to understand the causes of friction, anger and violence, and explore best practices for diffusing situations and keeping the peace.

Mediation training can prepare you for a variety of career choices across numerous practice settings. You can choose to focus on a specialty niche or key population, or gain broad-based experience in the larger context of a workplace or school. Today’s society provides many opportunities for mediators who are dedicated to making the world better.

If you are committed to making a difference as a mediator, the online Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation graduate programs at Abilene Christian University can set you on a steady path to the future.

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